Crème de la Crème Collection

Contemporary  Resale Furniture  and  Home Accessories

 Suede Abstract Wall Art


A beautiful art piece in new condition with contemporary style. Each colored piece is made with luxurious Suede material.

Purple & White Rug


A fabulous piece in like new condition! It brings you from the simple world of "rugs" into the world of "floor art." This beautiful design can bring any rooms personality, or decor, together.

Multicolored Encased Art


Created with cuttings of material that are combined together creating a swirled figure, this art piece is encased to protect its integrity. It has a variation of violet tones with shadowing of black and gray to accent it.

Gray Iron Candle Holder Set (3pc)


A creative wrought iron set designed to hold candles. A perfect center piece for a dinner table or family room. It consists of silver and gray wrought iron as it builds into a caramel tone at the center. 

  • candles are sold individually and not included with this set

Red Floral by "Novak"


This floral picture has a contemporary light gold frame. it is 31 inches tall and 21 inches wide.

  • two are in stock. they are sold separately and not as a set.

Green Glass Sculpture


A handmade sculpture that is constructed of glass pieces. Colors of green, aqua and blue brilliantly formed together. This is a piece that is perfect for someone who is having difficulty trying to match a color palette in their home or someone who loves independent custom sculpting and art.

Lady Sculpture


A sculpture of a magnificent woman with power, femininity and strength. She stands 29 1/2" tall with long flowing hair and would make a great addition to any stylish household or any artistic household.

Silver Corded Telephone


This antique style telephone has a black cord and push buttons. Reminding us of the day before technology went wireless and phones were called "Smart." This phone was manufactured

 with metal and not plastic.

Round Bombay Vase


This detailed vase is from the Bombay "Blue & White" collection. Made of  ceramic it includes tribal design, floral and a Phoenix in its center.

Hand Painted Vase


Made in China and hand painted in Macau, this lovely porcelain vase has a floral design on it that is reminiscent to walking through a blossoming garden.

Square Bombay Vase


Part of the Bombay "Blue & White" Collection, these square vase's have identical tribal designs that include floral elements. 

  • priced individually and not as a set

Gray Lamp


Gray lamp with a thin neck and a shade that is slightly wide. Its base has a marble bottom which makes it sturdy and prevents it from easily tipping over. The neck of this lamp is made of metal while the fabric of the shade is made of satin.

Black and Gray Marble Eggs (3pc)


A 3 piece set of marble eggs. The two large ones have a gray and green appearance while the small one has a black and gray appearance to it. These are perfect for paperweights or for decor.

Purple Swirl Bowl


This purple bowl is made from glass and certainly has its depth. It's swirl design comes in two colors; dark blue and medium purple. It is certainly an eye catcher and is perfect for anyone searching to match a purple color palette or someone looking for a new Halloween candy bowl

Red Rose Vase


This beautiful vase has a traditional form to it with unique color features. It is red with roses and leaves while it uses pink and gold to accentuate it. It is like having your vase and your flowers all in one.

Lady With Ukelele Painting


A unique pop art style painting with gold foil accents throughout it. This measures 2 feet in height and 29 inches in length.

Oriental Candle Holder


This one piece candle holder can hold up to three pillar candles. The price is $20.00 without the candles shown in the photograph, however, if you would like to purchase it with these candles it is only $25.00!

Purple Glass Candlestick Holders 2pc


Produced by the Nachtmann company, these contemporary purple glass candle stick holders are in "like new" condition and stand 10 inches tall.

Blue Flowered Lamp


A traditional style with a brass base, this lamp is made of porcelain with a painted floral design surrounding it. It measures approximately 29 inches tall.

Burgundy & Green Wall Sculpture


Stained Glass Lamp


An antique stained glass lamp with many colors to it. Pink, purple, green and blue. The structure of the glass builds a design of flowers in a garden surrounded by grass. Truly magnificent, It has an elegantly engraved brass base.

Fireplace Tool Set


This set is made of iron with gold plating. It includes; the fire poker, an ash shovel, an ash broom, and fire tongs. It also includes the rack to hang each accessory on which stands 30 inches tall.

Blue Oil Paintings (2pc)


A 2 piece acrylic paintings with wonderful textured colors you can see. Each painting hangs approximately 4 feet long and is 1 foot wide. 

Steel Bucket and Serving Tray


This stainless steel ice bucket and serving tray are priced as a set. They have red leather handles and are wonderful for display items in any household or for a home with a well stocked bar who 

entertains guests often.

Tall Brown Iron Candle Holders (2pc)


These fantastic candle holders hold pillar candles. Designed using iron, glass and elegance these pieces measure 28 inches and 31 inches in height. They are very tall candle holders and are a 2 piece set!

Decorative Chinese Plates


Written in the Chinese language, this three piece set reads, "Good Fortune, Good Luck and Long Life." The wooden base they're on measures 12' by 12' The plates themselves are made of very thick 1/4 inch glass

Large Gold Mirror


A large gold mirror with a more sleek design while still managing to bring antiquity to its style. It has unique engravings at each corner that make it unique. This is a mirror that measures 26 1.2 inches in height and is 21 inches wide.

Peach & Cream Clock


Produced by Empire. A cream and peach colored wall clock with arms of gold. It is 35 inches in height and 13 inches in width.

Black & Stainless Lamp


This steel lamp has four poles to it and a square base. The shade is black with vertical ripples. The inside of the shade is lined with bright gold and lights up a room magnificently when this lamp is turned on. This piece would be good for any household trying to meet a modern contemporary design or this color palette

Mint Glass Lamp


This lovely lamp has an antique style to it. Designed with a mosaic glass feature this is piece is perfect to light up any room. It takes normal light bulbs and plugs into the wall. It's on/off switch is conveniently located on its cord.

Gray Fan Wall Decor


An artistic piece of wall art that is set up to hang in different ways, as the hooks on back of it make it adaptable to personal style/taste. Consisting of "fan-like" features in many sizes this piece measures approximately 29 inches at its longest of length (corner to corner.)

Small Roman Pillars


These small Roman pillars are gray and gold. They were designed to be candle holders, however, would be a great addition to any household as decor or use for paperweights.

White & Black Iron Lamp


A sleek modern design this lamp has a rectangle shaped lamp shade. It is made with wrought iron and is in "like new" condition. Utilizing two light bulbs its on/off switch is conveniently located on it's power cord.

Beige & White Brass Lamp


Very detailed in every inch of its design, this lamp has brass engravings at the bottom and top by its neck line. It includes an artistic view to look at, the body of this lamp was just as well detailed making it a most magnificent piece. 

  • Two in stock. They are priced individually and not as a set.

Contemporary Aquamarine Picture


Produced by "Carolyn Kinder International" this modern picture remains in its "like-new" condition. It is large in shape measuring 31 1/2 by 31 1/2 inches square.

Contemporary Print


Artfully crafted, this contemporary print measures 33 in. by 33 in

Pink Faux Tree


A lovely faux tree with pink blossoms on it. Measuring 6 feet in height the purchase of this beautiful tree comes includes the basket and base materials inside of it

White Marbled Egg


This beautiful marbled egg is mixed with colors of tan, beige and white. It is much heavier than it appears. It may be used as a paperweight, a decor item, or many other things. It stands approximately 8 1/2 inches tall. Suggested use; do not place it on thin glass as its weight may make the glass collapse. Wood fixtures may be its best place to display

Blue Mikasa Vase


A wonderfully blue transparent color this contemporary vase has its own unique curvature with an engraved floral design. Produced by the Mikasa company it stands 12 1/2 " tall and is 9 1/2" wide at the lip

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